Another great “Riders seat” clinic with big changes!

Inviting Mira to use her left hind leg

Yesterday I had a clinic near Odense (Fyn). We discovered so many important things who made a big change!. All the riders develop very very nice during the day and did a great job:-). The riders got tips, exercises, and new feelings with them home which improve their riding and their position in general. Thy got able to sit on the horse in completely balance with no “over-tension” anywhere. And then we saw the the movement of the horse go nicely through the hips, knees, feet, lower-back, chest, shoulders, neck. 🙂

Thanks too all the participants for a great day:-)

/Maja Caspersen

Lovely weather and the nicest surroundings.

Riders comments from Facebook:
Wicky: “Very very good and interesting clinic Maja, thank you for good teaching and lots of challenges ;), thank you 🙂 for helping me further to feel my body and then my horse :)”

Unni:”Hi I want to say thanks for a good day with a lot of learning. I’ve had some tools with me as I want to work with motivated and have focus on in my daily work with my horse. Thanks to Maja and to all the talented participants :-)”

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