Horses, breaks and the wisdom from tantric-meetings….

7 kalil stopLet’s stop and have a breakā™„
It is the space between the tones in music, which makes the melody.
If there was no space between the tones, it would only be noise!
Like being with horses and being in life…It is sometimes when you are silent, calm and senses that you really feel the joy of the life itself and just being together….
So lets stop and have a break!

-Earlier in my life I really made many, many beautiful activities… but too many activities at the same time. So I could not really FEEL the JOY, CALMNESS and FREEDOM…. I couldn’t understand why I did not feel happy with such many wonderful activities?…
The answer could not be figured out with my mind?…But I was trying really hart to figured it out I can tell;-)
DSC01997But years later by working with my senses, the meditation in the intimate meeting between humans, my body-awareness and being with horses, the answer came by itself in my life…. Breaks and space…. Very simple and pure bodywisdom.. Like day and night, breath in and out, death and birth, and like the pulse from the heartbeat.
It might seems simple…
It simple to be happy… but it can be difficult to be simple!

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