What can make a horse lover evil ?

Kalil-LoveWhat can make a horse person force, push and be aggressive to his or hers horse???

To move, enjoying and being together…..
Maybe is that all what every ‘horse-people-hearts’ were longing for from the beginning?
-Even though they one day maybe saw them self on a track, where they could not feel or even ‘see’ either the horse, connection or them self any longer. !!! No matter what
‘riding style’ or ‘sport’ who is done or not

KalilmoveNot to feel any pressure from ‘need to perform’, ‘am I good enough?’ ‘what is expected from me’ is the biggest freedom.

First when we are brave enough to let go of all these desires, expectations and demands on ourself and the horse….First then we can ‘see’, meet and connect and move together in freedom, joy and beauty with those we love… for example your horse:-)

“Be conscious and see the patterns behind”

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