What can make a horse lover evil ?

Kalil-LoveWhat can make a horse person force, push and be aggressive to his or hers horse???

To move, enjoying and being together…..
Maybe is that all what every ‘horse-people-hearts’ were longing for from the beginning?
-Even though they one day maybe saw them self on a track, where they could not feel or even ‘see’ either the horse, connection or them self any longer. !!! No matter what
‘riding style’ or ‘sport’ who is done or not

KalilmoveNot to feel any pressure from ‘need to perform’, ‘am I good enough?’ ‘what is expected from me’ is the biggest freedom.

First when we are brave enough to let go of all these desires, expectations and demands on ourself and the horse….First then we can ‘see’, meet and connect and move together in freedom, joy and beauty with those we love… for example your horse:-)

“Be conscious and see the patterns behind”

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Can your horse do “right” or “wrong”?

A student said to me: “ I have started to play with the canter by hand, but my horse is not doing it right at all. I think I am maybe not doing it right either, so maybe we should not do it at all? “

I said: “One could imagine that there is not existing right and wrong with horses? Of course we prepare the horse well physical and mental for everything we ask him for. But what you call “wrong” we could call training and what you call “right” we could call leading or dancing with the horse. Horses do not judge in right or wrong they just experience and do!… This is one of the things we can learn from them.

Best wishes to you all.
/Maja Caspersen

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Timeless knowlegde.

“As the blind person touches the object before him very softly and lightly with his fingertips in order not to interfere with the work of the sensitive nerve ends by too much pressure, so it is the rider’s first obligation to keep soft and natural those parts of his body with which he feels his horse.” Gustav Steinbrecht.

These words describes the core in my “Balance, Feel, Ask -Riders seat program” for the seat education in the Academic Art of Riding.

You can soon read all about my new education program in my coming free e-book.  So keep a eye on www.ridingartoflife.com

Best wishes to you from
Maja Caspersen 

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The path of the Horse

I want to share this great film with you. I loved this documentary, since I first bought it years ago! (They put it on youtube themselves, so not an illegal YT-leak.


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